Sourcing and Organizing the IT/IS Function

Digitalization challenges the traditional role and places new demands on the corporate IT/IS functions. Traditionally, the IT/IS function is expected to provide a reliable and secure infrastructure in support of business operations. The approach of choice for achieving this is IT Service Management (ITSM). This approach promises to focus on the support needs of the business organization while releasing it from technical issues. This is to be achieved by introducing so-called IT services that address specific information processing and communication needs of the organisation. Unfortunately, researchers have paid little attention to IT operations management in general and ITSM in particular. Therefore, the concept of an IT service has remained vague to the present day with little substantial guidance on how to identify and specify IT services available.

Smooth infrastructure operations and seamless service provision are also, and even more important in a digital business environment. At the same time, digitization calls for high flexibility and agility in responding to new business situations and opportunities. Thus, the IT/IS function is not only expected to be a reliable service provider, but also to be pro-active and take an innovative role in exploring new digital business solutions. These contradictory demands have led to promoting the model of a “two-speed IT”. However, little is known on how such an IT/IS function could look like.

Things become even more complicated with cost pressures and an increased propensity to outsource parts of the IT/IS function. There are good reasons to consider IT outsourcing, since the market for IT services has grown substantially over the last decade with more and more specialized providers offering their services. However, increased outsourcing also results in new demands on the (retained) IT/IS function that must manage providers and orchestrate external services towards the fulfilment of organizational needs. 

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